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Snowy Day

Monday, December 29, 2014

You're Invited.

What make me happy?
At least, I want it to make me happy but time moves fast and I end up with high expectations and the feeling that I never quite pulled it off. 
So I separated out the Day from all the other stuff.
The Day is about family and rejoicing in the Gift of Jesus Christ.
 My New Rules for it are simple and clear. (More about that later)
Susie's Christmas Cottage is about everything Christmas. It's purpose is to share and celebrate my love of all crafts, decorating and activities I've come to associate with the season.
 If you love the hoopla, then this place is for you!
 I hope you find some things that make your Christmas even more magical. 
The idea to have a blog dedicated to Christmas was inspired by Debbie of Debbie-Dabble
who has a Christmas blog in addition  to her main blog. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I hope so because I sincerely admire Debbie and love her blog. 
The vintage snowy church images are from my collection.
And here is a a project  where I used one of them printed out 8x10 size.
I did a couple projects using letters this year and am toying with the idea of a themed tree using letters and numbers... we'll see!

 G is for my guy who likes to ski!

Merry Christmas!