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Snowy Day

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gimme Some Rustic Christmas Love

**Never use plants which may be hazardous to children or pets where children or pets may come into contact with them.
Check it out! Dangerous Winter/Holiday plants

Items found in nature are at the heart of
Rustic Christmas decor.

For me, greens are the starting place for all Christmas decorating
 but especially for Christmas decorating with Rustic, Country, Primitive, or Farmhouse flair.
Once Halloween is over I'll be gathering greens and things from nature to use in my holiday decorating.  I'll keep the greens in pots of water on the back porch to keep fresh until ready for use.

We'll take a moment here to talk about wreaths and garland and such. 
I usually construct my wreaths, grave blankets, and any roping I want to use the week before Thanksgiving. 
You will want to take the weather and when you hang your decorations into consideration. You'll want to avoid having to construct 40 feet of roping in the dark, bitter cold while your partner is standing on a ladder screaming, "I thought you said it was ready."

Here is an identification chart. Know before you go. haha.

Here are two great tutorials with clear, concise directions and good photographs by Brianna at Craft Thyme. I mean, why would I go to the trouble when Brianna has done all this work, right?
Craft Thyme - Great wreath tutorial!

Making Evergreen Garland - Craft Thyme
 (While you are done checking out the evergreen tutorials, take a minute to check out her tutorial on using gold leaf and other methods of gilding. I have some Magnolia pods that are going to be freakin' awesome painted gold!
How to gold leaf anything and everything. Tutorial on using all types of leaf on variety of materials
Craft Thyme

Okay. Now, Some Rustic Christmas Love.

In my Previous Life I embraced Primitive Style Decor. It suited the woodsy Pinelands area of New Jersey where I lived at that time, and it suited my old fashioned rural lifestyle.

Rustic Christmas Love Is . . .

 homemade pine cone wreaths, old sleds decked out in greens and 
wide plaid bows. . .
All Roads Lead Home
 Old lanterns, galvanized buckets, barn ladders, and plenty of holly, ivy, and red ribbon.

pretty winter greens arrangement ....:

Some tin, some rust, some strips of homespun fabric...

Old Grater...filled with Christmas pine, cinnamon sticks & a star.  By At Home With K -Holiday Home Tour.  There are some fabulous Christmas decorating ideas on this blog.:
Christmas Tour
  Old Ball jars filled with peppermint sticks.

Christmas Around the Farmhouse
 Twigs, and sprigs of holly tucked amongst the jars.

rustic+christmas+decorations | Sometimes Rustic Christmas Decorations Are Just ... | Christmas Decor:

Primitive setting.  I love the old crocks and hanging stockings.  The wall color is great!:
 A cozy hearth with a special glow.

Marc designed and made these reindeer out of wine corks and twigs from his garden   Here on flickRa??:
A bit of Nature indoors.

Hand Lettered Peace on Earth sign
12 Days of Christmas
Simple wishes.

Pair of Papier-mache Reindeer:
 Woodland friends.

And so much more...

Check out the sites below for some simple inexpensive ways to add some Rustic Christmas love to your holidays.

Simple Christmas

Making Birdseed Ornaments

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you lots of Christmas love.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Joy of Small Gifts

There is joy in small gifts.  
In tokens of appreciation 

The images below are iron on transfers from the 1978 Issue of Women's Day Magazine.
1978 was my first Christmas as a Wife. I bought some flour sacking and my grandmother helped me use these transfer to make myself a set of Christmas dish towels.

I filled old canning jars with ornaments and silver garland to give as gifts my first newlywed Christmas.

And made boxes of fudge.
HERSHEY'S Rich Cocoa Fudge
Hersheys' Cocoa fudge recipe

My mom has always used the recipe from the Hershey's cocoa container. I don't know that it is the easiest fudge recipe, but it is the one I grew up with, the one I like best. Just my opinion folks.

Mom  donated a couple boxes of  Shiny Brites for our tree. They had been passed down to her from her mother, and now to me.

Our tiny Christmas budget didn't allow for Christmas gifts for each other ...
But we newlyweds scraped together enough money to buy a dated ornament. In the course of our life together we collected 20 dated ornaments. They now hang on our daughters tree.

 How sweet it is to remember my Previous Life, and a small gift, which came to mean so much.

Wishing you all life's blessings,

Here are some small gift ideas on my want to try list.

Candied Pecans from Yummy Healthy Easy on

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mid Century Christmas Tablecloths 2015

Mid Century Christmas Tablecloth
Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

Mid Century Christmas tablecloths are one of my favorite items to collect.  Prices on eBay now, in mid-October seem reasonable.

The Santa-Jack-in-the-box is a favorite.  After it appeared in a photograph as part of Country Living spread on collecting mid century Christmas tablecloths, it's price skyrocketed. I have seen it with asking prices of 75.00 and going as high as 149.00USD.  
The village circling a field of bright red makes this another favorite of mine. I'm watching one like this on eBay. Right now it has no bids and is listed at less than 10.00! (No, it is not my auction!)
 I am tempted to add this to my collection...I see two listed oneBay. One has a Buy it now price of only 30.00 (again, not my auction!)

The fun tablecloth pictured below will only be added to my 
Vintage Christmas Tablecloth Pinterest board. At 129.00  it is above my price limit.

 I do love this silvery snowflakes and fun graphics. The touch of pink adds to its desirability.

 The highest priced tablecloth I saw today? This mid century beauty below. It is listed as a vintage Lois Long De Antonio.  Read about her here. It's price? 395.00 USD. But it ships for free!
What's not to love about its mid century atomic flare.

 Below are some examples of reasonably priced of mid century tablecloths. Price do go up as Christmas draws near.

I'll be sharing some tablescapes featuring vintage tablecloths in upcoming posts.

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I'm so glad you did.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Very Faerie Christmas

 I love to create with paper and today I am sharing some paper faerie ornaments .

Fairytale a true story.jpg
Fairy Tale:A True Story

If you created a faerie world, what would it be like? 
Here is a peek inside  the faerie world of my imagination.

The lady of the manor has sent a lovely Christmas Pudding to the faeries who live at the bottom of the garden. 
Lavender Honeywell wonders if Lady Bunn-Dunny is not, perhaps, a bit encroaching since The Incident.

 Some faerie ornaments I created .

I imagine faeries celebrate 12th night in style.
There would be a Fancy Dress Ball, and crowns for the 
Kings and Queens of Misrule.

 Faerie children look forward to the St George play.
Visitors sit by the Yule log and enjoy a cup of Wassail.
And perhaps a slice of rich fruitcake.

Regency Fashion plates & Scenic found at E.K. Duncan.
Wings used in ornaments- Altered Artifacts.
Bluebird  -The Graphics Fairy
Teacup - T he Graphics Fairy
Crowns- Paper Whimsy

Here are some images that can be used to create a faerie of your own.

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