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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Very Faerie Christmas

 I love to create with paper and today I am sharing some paper faerie ornaments .

Fairytale a true story.jpg
Fairy Tale:A True Story

If you created a faerie world, what would it be like? 
Here is a peek inside  the faerie world of my imagination.

The lady of the manor has sent a lovely Christmas Pudding to the faeries who live at the bottom of the garden. 
Lavender Honeywell wonders if Lady Bunn-Dunny is not, perhaps, a bit encroaching since The Incident.

 Some faerie ornaments I created .

I imagine faeries celebrate 12th night in style.
There would be a Fancy Dress Ball, and crowns for the 
Kings and Queens of Misrule.

 Faerie children look forward to the St George play.
Visitors sit by the Yule log and enjoy a cup of Wassail.
And perhaps a slice of rich fruitcake.

Regency Fashion plates & Scenic found at E.K. Duncan.
Wings used in ornaments- Altered Artifacts.
Bluebird  -The Graphics Fairy
Teacup - T he Graphics Fairy
Crowns- Paper Whimsy

Here are some images that can be used to create a faerie of your own.

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