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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mid Century Christmas Tablecloths 2015

Mid Century Christmas Tablecloth
Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

Mid Century Christmas tablecloths are one of my favorite items to collect.  Prices on eBay now, in mid-October seem reasonable.

The Santa-Jack-in-the-box is a favorite.  After it appeared in a photograph as part of Country Living spread on collecting mid century Christmas tablecloths, it's price skyrocketed. I have seen it with asking prices of 75.00 and going as high as 149.00USD.  
The village circling a field of bright red makes this another favorite of mine. I'm watching one like this on eBay. Right now it has no bids and is listed at less than 10.00! (No, it is not my auction!)
 I am tempted to add this to my collection...I see two listed oneBay. One has a Buy it now price of only 30.00 (again, not my auction!)

The fun tablecloth pictured below will only be added to my 
Vintage Christmas Tablecloth Pinterest board. At 129.00  it is above my price limit.

 I do love this silvery snowflakes and fun graphics. The touch of pink adds to its desirability.

 The highest priced tablecloth I saw today? This mid century beauty below. It is listed as a vintage Lois Long De Antonio.  Read about her here. It's price? 395.00 USD. But it ships for free!
What's not to love about its mid century atomic flare.

 Below are some examples of reasonably priced of mid century tablecloths. Price do go up as Christmas draws near.

I'll be sharing some tablescapes featuring vintage tablecloths in upcoming posts.

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  1. O My!! I love the one with the carolers!!! So pretty!! I have a few vintage Christmas aprons but no tablecloths.....


  2. Isn't is amazing how God blesses us with our gifts and as we create that love comes out in our work. try these out


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