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Snowy Day

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tea in the Craft Room #3 Snowy Victorian House

   Here in the East Autumn often feels like summer right up until the first Nor'easter hits.
A blustery day outside makes a cup of tea in the craft room feel especially cozy. 
Today I am sharing some images I created from my vintage Christmas card collection. The original was pink, but I am sharing it in several colors. 

These are trimmed with tinsel pipe stems.

And a sprinkle of glitter, of course!
A jaunty snowman* and some Christmas trees make a festive scene. 
Now I will tell you, this image reminds me that as a child I loved paper dolls and once  created a little paper doll Christmas village. Although I planned to use these images for other projects, I had to make myself a few paper house vignettes. I hope that you will find these Snowy Victorian House images as charming as I do. 

Thank you for visiting. 
See you soon!

Remember - For best result click on image to enlarge, then save.

* The snowman can be found here.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    I didn't realize you had a Christmas blog too. I have one also called Christmas Pudding. It is usually dormant until the Autumn and then I start sharing on it again. That is a pretty teacup and your Victorian houses are very cute. I used to love paper dolls and when I was a girl I used to make my own. I did a lot of drawing and painting in those days. I miss it sometimes. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day.


    1. It's a new endeavor. Thank you for your visit. I added Christmas Pudding to my Christmas Cottage Blog Roll, and added a button to my side bar. Love your Christmas Pudding!

    2. Thank you, Susan. I am adding yours to my list as well and I look forward to your shares...

  2. Susan:
    I love your photo with the teacup on the book. These Victorian Houses are quite beautiful and make a lovely display tucked behind other pieces. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  3. HI Susan,
    Your Victorian paper houses are indeed charming. I loved vpaper dolls when I was a little girl, and I can see how creating these would be so enjoyable. The snowman and the trees just add to the cozy scene.

  4. What an adorable little set of houses you shared! Thank you for your kind comment on the Home Sweet Home party this week! I am always amazed that I can reach people with this blog. So often it is me sitting alone in this house or hopping around the many children that fly through my house every week. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment! It means so much!


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