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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Joy of Small Gifts

There is joy in small gifts.  
In tokens of appreciation 

The images below are iron on transfers from the 1978 Issue of Women's Day Magazine.
1978 was my first Christmas as a Wife. I bought some flour sacking and my grandmother helped me use these transfer to make myself a set of Christmas dish towels.

I filled old canning jars with ornaments and silver garland to give as gifts my first newlywed Christmas.

And made boxes of fudge.
HERSHEY'S Rich Cocoa Fudge
Hersheys' Cocoa fudge recipe

My mom has always used the recipe from the Hershey's cocoa container. I don't know that it is the easiest fudge recipe, but it is the one I grew up with, the one I like best. Just my opinion folks.

Mom  donated a couple boxes of  Shiny Brites for our tree. They had been passed down to her from her mother, and now to me.

Our tiny Christmas budget didn't allow for Christmas gifts for each other ...
But we newlyweds scraped together enough money to buy a dated ornament. In the course of our life together we collected 20 dated ornaments. They now hang on our daughters tree.

 How sweet it is to remember my Previous Life, and a small gift, which came to mean so much.

Wishing you all life's blessings,

Here are some small gift ideas on my want to try list.

Candied Pecans from Yummy Healthy Easy on


  1. Oh Susan, what a great post! These pics bring back so many memories. Mom always made fudge at Christmas time with black walnuts that she picked out and then gave to the mailman and whoever else needed a small gift. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for visiting Lynn, and thanks for the sweet comment.

  3. Loved this post!! I just got done deciding where I would be putting some of my shiny brites ( many of the same that you shared0 this year...... And i finished the upstairs!!


  4. What special memories you've shared, Susan! I loved reading how you made that first Christmas as a married couple, so special.


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