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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things - Plaid

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Mad for all the fabulous plaid we're seeing this Christmas?

Me too!

I always think of Scotties when I think of plaid!

 Plaid goes well with  my Spode Christmas dishes, the bright cheerful Retro Santa Christmas I love, and with the woodsy 

rustic, or the "English Country House" decorating I enjoy. 

Plaid is a great friend when your love for the holiday is big but your budget is small.

Plaid Tins

Depending on condition and time of year, plaid tins are still to be found at reasonable prices.
The doll trunk pictured here, was $5.00 at a yard sale. The picnic basket tin beneath it was won on eBay. The round tin above was  thrifted.

How cute is this Walkers Shortbread tin I just bought!  It's price tag -12.99 at a discount home store, isn't my idea of cheap, it is a good example of the Walker tins one can find at thrifts and yard sales for 50 cents and a dollar.

Although large tin picnic baskets like this one are presently going for between 14.00 and 44.00 USD
on eBay, depending on condition,

small tins like the one below are being listed as low as a couple dollars.

This red plaid lunch box is list for 10USd right now... so tempted to bid on it!
 Although it has some condition issues I think it only adds to it's charm.
(No one is paying me to say this and it's not for sale by me, or anyone I know)


Add some plaid to a rag wreath you already have.

If you don't have a rag bag, it is seriously time you started one. I use one of the picnic basket tins we were just discussing to store reclaimed fabric. After I wash and remove buttons and zippers, I cut the  still usable portions of the shirt/jeans(whatever) into squares or rectangles for future use)

Make a bunting using scrap and reclaimed fabric.

 Go check out this beauty by Jann at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson. No one, and I mean no one, not HGTV, not BHG, does plaid better than Jann!
 Lace, Tartan and Plaid Bunting
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson
I am SOOOO copying this 1st chance I get!

Last year I bought a few yards of this great buffalo check. With my half price coupon it was 4.99 a yard.
I made some pillow covers using the indoor/outdoor pillows from the patio so I didn't even need to buy stuffing!

I made a  cover for my desk  chair with a ruffle off an old valance.

I like how well the black and white check works with other plaids.


As garland on the tree, tied to everyday objects, as a runner 
on the table, with greens on the backs of chairs...what can't you decorate with a spool of plaid ribbon.

One of my favorite pictures this year!

The Many Colors of Christmas 

How great will similarly wrapped gifts look under my tree?
Brown craft paper and some spools of ribbon are added to my shopping list.
 A walk around the neighborhood should net me a few pine cones...

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Mad for Plaid at Christmas


Thanks for hanging in!
 Have a great week!


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  1. Susan,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! LOVE all your Plaids!! Great vintage items too! I think I need to work plaid into my Holiday decor somehow....maybe in the Den.......


  2. Susan, I love your plaid thinking today! How could you not enjoy plaid this time of year. You are right, it goes with just about anything and adds instant pizzazz

    I want to thank you for adding the Christmas in Texas blog button to your sidebar. That's just so sweet of you!! Are you in Texas?

    1. You are welcome Stacey, and thank you for visiting. I am not in Texas, but am looking forward to seeing some great Texas Christmas ideas at your link party.

  3. I have the same Kentucky plaid tin. I think it was three dollars but it is oh so cute! Thanks for stopping by my place. Thank you for adding Stacey's blog hop to your side bar. I'll have plaid!

  4. Oh my friend, love your plaids! You know that I am certainly mad. lol! I so appreciate your sweet shout outs! Can't wait to see what you do this year. I am chomping at the bits to start decorating with my plaids, but must hold off one more week. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Love the Scottie dogs! I have a cute top I plan to wear over Christmas with festive Scottie dogs.

  6. Thanks for visiting Jeannie Marie. I've been looking for something cute with scotties on it.


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