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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tea in the in the Craftroom # 4 Celebrating the Christmas Story

Pull up a seat and let me pour you a cup of tea. Today we are using these pretty Noritake china cups. The pattern is Dulcy.
 This is a perfect cup to celebrate the 'No-coat November' we are enjoying in the East. Although Fall colors have arrived, many flowers are still blooming. 

Help yourself to a cookie.
The shortbread is from Costco. Although the cookie it's self is not bad, I do not care at all for  the pumpkin and pseudo-chocolate stripes. Just my opinion folks!
(I made the napkins. Don't you love the fabric?)

Today I am looking at some Bible based projects and ideas for Christmas.
Love the scripture tags!  Could be Christmas ornaments also.:
How pretty are these tags?
 I love the elegance and the simplicity. 
I think I could spend many happy hours
 making something like these.

I printed out this freebie from Double the Fun and like it.  They inspire lots of ideas.
Biblical Advent Calendar free printable by Double the Fun Parties -- great for telling the Nativity story to young children
 I think I want to use them for the last 12 days of Advent and the 12 days of Christmas, ending on Epiphany.  I have found embracing the 12 Days period of time allows me to focus on the Good News, and not feel like my faith is in competition with all the secular hoopla (I love the hoopla - flying reindeer and all).
You'll be seeing more of these in up coming posts! 
I have some medallions I made from vintage religious Christmas cards I may use them in conjunction with the verses. 

This is one of those projects I look at, slap my head and think, why didn't I think of that!!!
Cute, sweet, appealing. Perfect stocking stuffer for 'tweens...  heck, I want one!

Christian Christmas Verses and Quotes | Inspirational Christmas Bible Verses:

How am I using this prayer list? Let me count the ways..
1. Printed out and placed in a frame as a back drop for a small vignette.
2. Tucked into a Christmas card.
3. As a tie on and tuck in with small gifts
4. As a handout to share with my church ladies who work on mission quilts.

 Nativity Nuggets?!?!?I have not decided if I am going to buy this item or not. I like the wrapped candy bar idea. I've used it before. I think it looks well executed, and has a great deal of appeal. I'm not putting it on my short list ... yet.
NATIVITY Christmas Hershey Nugget Wrappers, cute holiday favor - love REASON FOR THE SEASON! #mycomputerismycanvas:

 An etsy item -I have not purchased this item, this is  not my store. I'm just sayin' I think this is a great idea - it's just my opinion.

I really love these angel wings. The blogger did a fabulous job. Because this project sounds time consuming it is one I would do over the course of the year - but definitely worth the trouble.  I have a clear acrylic Nativity set that I love but have a difficult time staging it well. I' m thinking the 'Come Let Us Adore Him' sign designed by Kim Six would be the perfect backdrop or accompanying piece. I already have everything I need to make this project. I think it is one my husband would enjoy making with me.  This one is definitely on my short list! Can't wait to show him the picture and see what he thinks.

See how one smart blogger made this awesome set of angel wings 
Practically for free!

Are you addicted to the kimsixfix yet?
  Come Let Us Adore Him

Cloches - they are not just for putz houses anymore.

How sweet is this Nativity cloche?

 Home by Heidi
   Check out this home tour for some great Celebrating Christ in Christmas ideas.

 Well, time to set aside my tea cup and get to work. 
Thank you for visiting, and I hope you feel inspired to 
Celebrate the Christmas Story this season.


Special note!
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 It's adorable!

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  1. Oh my Susan:
    You have given so many great crafting ideas here. I was just reading a book where the lady made everything to give for Christmas out of things she already had. I really admired that! Your post is very inspirational and I love that you emphasized the real meaning of Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for visiting and your kind words. It is so nice to 'talk over' projects that catch my eye and see what others think.

  2. Lovely ideas and a lovely teacup and saucer! Have a great week, Lynn

    1. Thank you Lyn. This cup is one I like to save just for Fall.

  3. Thanks for sharing these fun Christmas ideas!

  4. Susan,
    This is the sweetest and dearest post and just what my spirit needs to be filled with this morning! I so appreciate you sharing with us the real meaning of Christmas and I am so happy to see that you are already thinking of Christmas too!
    Have a lovely week,

    1. Jemma, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your visit. I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

  5. Hi Susan. Wonderful post! Perfect for your lovely tea pretty! Haven't tried the Costco shortbread, so glad of your opinion. I love all your ideas, and a timely post for folks looking for things to make, because there is still time. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. Susan, this is such lovely idea and I really appreciate you sharing my free eBook! Love the gift ideas you featured, I always enjoy giving and receiving handmade ;) Blessings, Cecilia

    1. Cecilia, I love your book and am happy to give it a shout out. (To be clear, it is not available for download on my page, there is a link back to your blog.) Thank you for your visit.

  7. Susan,
    Thanks so much for featuring my Christmas Blog!! I gave you a Shout Out on Google+ and will be giving you a Shout Out on both my blogs,

  8. Susan my friend, I am getting so excited for Christmas and your border is gorgeous! Love the images you've shared and I totally agee with the shortbread cookies! Love your pretty teacups and thanks so much for the shout out for 'Creating Christmas'! Love having you share with SYC.


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